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What is 925 sterling silver?

To make silver durable enough for use in jewellery, pure silver, which has a .999 (99.9%) purity, is often alloyed with small quantities of copper (7.5%). The copper is added to strengthen the silver, and the resulting product is referred to as .925 sterling silver (92.5%).

What materials are your body piercing jewellery made from?

Unless otherwise specified, The main material of our body jewellery is made with 316L Surgical Steel, which is the highest grade of steel and has been declared safe for piercing use. Decorative Shield of the body jewellery is made with coated brass.

What materials are your women's jewellery and men's jewellery made from?

Since there are a lot of items featured, so they are made of different materials, such as Stainless Steel, 925 Sterling Silver, Gold plated, Rose Gold Plated, Titanium or Crystals or Cubic Zirconia. Generally speaking, you can identify the main material from the items’ “MATERIAL" in the description.